GAME CHANGER Etienne Da Souza Furniture designer


Etienne is a French designer of high-end furniture and objects, who lives and work in Bali, Indonesia.

Each singular piece he creates is a work of art, which combines such natural exquisite materials as mother of pearl, seashell, horn, bone, palm wood, coconut shell. All of them are carefully selected with respect for nature and its preservation. His work and ideas unveil connection between art, materials and comfort.

He revealed his love to art in a childhood. And later he studied architecture at the Ecole Des Beaux-Arts in Paris. The designer had successful jewellry and fashion accessories business in France. But in 1990s decided to visit several countries in Southeast Asia. Once found himself in Bali, Etienne loved the island from the first sight for its rich and beautiful culture, talented artist and artisans, different raw material. He established a company in 1997 and started to produce high-end bespoke furniture and interior objects.

The designer trained local craftsmen to get the highest quality in old European techniques, particularly marquetry and special finishes. His love to explore new shapes, materials and patterns turns into unique timeless objects. They are individually  designed and custom made, and few months are required to produce one piece once starting sharing ideas with clients from the sketch. Etienne designs taking inspiration sometimes just from the single flourish or material's samples gathered into puzzle. Afterwards hundreds thousands of tiny pieces are cut, polished and assembled by hand in his workshop to create items of stunning complexity.

Today Etienne de Souza collaborates with the most famous architects and interior designers all over the world on special projects such as luxury boutiques, restaurants, hotels, spas and private residence.  

May 15, 2020 by Jim Lazarides