Frame Dimensions

We encourage you to check out our Fit Guide below.
Still not sure which frame would fit you best? As a reference, we suggest measuring your favorite pair of eye wear to find the best fit! All Boca Blu frame dimensions are listed below in millimeters.

Frame Type

Lens Width

Bridge Width

Arm Length










































Keep these tips in mind when dreaming up which pair of Boca Blu would best suit you:

  1. Glasses should stay put on your nose small Atlas and larger Olympus or Poseidon. Check fit list.
  2. Put the glasses and sit upper bridge and nose not lower for better fit.
  3. Make sure the bottom of the frame doesn't rest on those cheeks of yours
  4. Pupils are aligned near the center of your lenses.
  5. Arms should extend straight back, making contact with your face just before your ears. If they're too snug against your temples, we suggest a larger frame.

Frame Malleability

We designed our frames at Boca Blu with a metal wire core within the acetate temples, allowing your pair to mold to your unique fit over time. We source our frames from Italian acetate so you can trust that you will look as confident as you feel!

If your pair gets a tad bent-out-of-shape through regular use go to your local optometrist for adjustments free of charge.

Returns and exchanges

Return policy

Because we sell exclusively online, we offer a 30-day risk-free return policy after the delivery of your order! We have free shipping, returns, and exchanges if you decide a different frame would fit you better or want to change magnification
You may also locate the email with your confirmation order. The email subject reads BOCA BLU Order Confirmation” and the sender is

Reply directly to that email with a brief reason why, and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible!

Helpful hints for exchanges

If you're interested in an exchange and are unsure of which style you want to try, measure your favorite pair of eyewear to get an idea of which Boca Blu frame would be the perfect fit! We encourage you to check our Fit Guide above. You can also email a photo of yourself to for personal stylist recommendations. 

Order Information

How do I cancel my order?

An order can only be cancelled and payment voided if it has yet to ship. Each order will be in process 5PM Sydney time Australia.

Feel free to email with an order cancellation request, and we will gladly accommodate your needs. However, if the order has already shipped, reach out to us upon delivery to initiate the return/exchange process!

What if the glasses I want are out of stock?

While we work as hard as we can to keep our virtual shelves fully-stocked, sometimes we do, indeed, sell out of a popular frame or color. We know, it’s disappointing for us too . If we are on back order for a longer period of time, we email everyone on our on mailing list and also the client directly once inventory is replenished and all frames are available for purchase again!

Do you have retail locations?

Boca Blu is sold wholesale as well as online .We realize glasses are something people would like to try on before committing to, which is why we offer a 30-day risk-free return policy after the delivery of your order! We have free shipping, returns, and exchanges if you decide a different frame would fit best or want to change lens magnification.

To help determine which frame would fit you best, head to our Fit Guide above. 

When can I expect my order?

The processing time for your Boca Blu Australasia Pty Ltd. Generally, they ship within 3-7 business days after the order is placed Australia Post, Send you will automatically receive an email with your tracking information.

Where do you ship?

We ship everywhere with a valid address in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand. If the order come in to other areas of the world we will let our distributor for that country know and fulfill the orders.

Health & Vision Insurance

We are now negotiating this incoming months.

What reader magnifications are available?

In addition to our non prescription eye wear we offer 0,+1.00,+1.25,+2.00,+2.50

We do custom and you will need email and we will call you and direct you to what we need to accomplish custom prescription.

Can anyone wear non-Rx?

Yes (with contact lenses, if needed)! All non-Rx Boca Blu glasses are currently worn by those who use contact lenses, reader magnification or do not need a prescription. We also offer custom lens option to reduce stress on the ciliary muscle for those who are glued to their screens for hours at a time (think: analysts, designers, or coders).

What material are Boca Blu & Sleep?

Boca Blu ULTRAVEX Digital Armor TM lenses are made out of High Impact 1.60 lenses, which is a super lightweight and impact resistant material.It has a very high Abbe value and is optically superior to poly carbonate lenses. While the lens tint is more very slight green it remains clear and maintains color perception , our lens specifically filters the range of Blue Light that is most disruptive to our natural sleep cycle in the 440 nm - 500 nm range.

Blue Light / Glare

Blue Light Exposure

Emitted by the light from our screens, Blue Light has the highest energy wavelengths on the visible light spectrum. Similar to how UV-light overexposure harms our skin, Blue-Light overexposure can lead to eye discomfort and irritation (think: eye strain, dry eyes, eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches). Blue Light also suppresses melatonin secretion - the neurotransmitter that tells our minds and bodies to power off at night - which is why it is harder to fall asleep after spending hours in front of our screens every day.
That’s where we come work best! Boca Blu virtually clear lenses are intentionally designed to filter Blue Light - specifically, the highest energy wavelengths in the 400-440 nm range and we also do not class as old technology and coated . Our Blue Blocking material is created in the material composition and we offer guaranteed blue blocking for life cycle of lens.

Glare Reduction

Glare is emitted from many sources of light, including digital screens (so, desktop monitors, laptop screens, phone screens, tablets, and TVs). It is a common and often overlooked culprit of Digital Eye Strain. Symptoms of DES (also known as Computer Vision Syndrome), include eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches.

That's where we work best ! Our lenses have a premium anti-glare coating to eliminate 99% of glare, which optimizes our visual acuity.

Boca Blu anti-glare coating aims to provide contrast vision and more relaxed eyes. We are dedicated to making people’s lives happier life in the digital age , and we believe it’s critical that we use a premium AR coat to do exactly that.

Negative effects of screen use

Humans are not meant to stare at screens - whether laptops, monitors, phones, tablets, or TVs - all day long. Our eyes are at rest when we’re looking 20 feet away. In front of our computer, though, we're staring 18-24 inches away for long periods of time. This overworks the ciliary muscle in the back of our eye, which is constantly spasming back and forth to adjust to the close viewing.
As a result, many ophthalmologists, optometrists, and researchers point to the potential negative effects that computer screens have on our vision and health. This includes Digital Eye Strain (also known as Computer Vision Syndrome) - which encompasses a variety of symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, eye fatigue, and neck and back pain. Boca Blu lenses are specially designed to filter 50% of all and 90% of the most impactful ranges of Blue Light, while eliminating 99% of glare to combat these negative affects.

Nope, there aren't negative side effects!

Our eyes never evolved to stare at screens all day, so our Blue Light filtering lenses are only doing your eyes a favour and allowing for more comfortable and productive screen time. In fact, if you’re wearing non-magnified lenses, then you’re good to wear your Boca Blu both in and out of the office .

However, if you decided on magnification (whether +2.50 or a reader lens), then we recommend only using your glasses in close distance viewing.

Do I need magnification?


Plano 0.00 power lenses can be used for driving

Magnification is definitely not for everyone. Most of us are in meetings or talking with a friends intermittently throughout the day, giving our eyes temporary breaks from the screen. If this sounds like you, then non-magnification will be your most comfortable fit.

But, if you’re glued to your screen and find yourself hunched over and squinting, then it may help! The optional + magnification ’ your eye muscles work less when spending hours on end glued to your screen (think: coders, analysts, designers). Sounds like you? Our non-Rx, quarter magnification may help!

Something to note: customers feel relief from their Digital Eye Strain even if they do not opt-in for the prescription . You still receive the full benefits of our Blue Light filter and anti-glare coating (both of which are the Digital armour behind our lenses) with or without the + magnifications. The downside to the magnification is that if you interact with your environment and keep your glasses on, they could cause some otherwise unprecedented irritation and disorientation (some customers do not experience this, though!). Ultimately, each person's eyes are different, which is why we offer free shipping, returns, and exchanges for the first 30 days after the delivery of your order!

Lens Warranty / Proper Care

Keeping your lenses clean

The microfiber cloth should be sufficient for cleaning any smudges or dirt from the lenses.Do Not use solution-soap/dishwashing liquid .Use fresh water with a microfiber/lint-free towel works as well!

We do NOT recommend using hot water or any chemical-based cleaners on the lenses, and be sure to NOT leave your Boca Blu on your dash board as not warranties direct heat , on top , or in an enclosed, unvented space for extended amounts of time (especially during the hot summer months)! Heat and chemical reactions (from alcohol-based cleaning solutions, for example) can affect the AR coating.

Hairspray and make up can also damage the integrity of the lenses' AR coating, so we suggest leaving your glasses off when placing these products on your body.

Warranty Information

All Boca Blu lenses come standard with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty includes defects in materials, workmanship, coatings, and cracks. Manufacturing defects do not include scratched lenses, normal wear and tear, improper cleaning, dislodged lenses, or exposure to excessive heat.

Gift cards

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Marketing / Press Inquiries

Marketing Inquiries

Marketing inbounds, partnerships, and influencer requests are invited to contact us by email:

We look forward to hearing from you and please let us know if you're working on a deadline.

Press Inquiries

Media members are invited to contact us by email
We look forward to hearing from you and please let us know if you're working on a deadline.